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Blood Coins and the Blood Moon Event WoW SoD Guide

Blood Coins and the Blood Moon Event: WoW SoD Guide

Welcome to SkipTheGrind.Online, your go-to source for the latest in gaming insights and strategies. Today, we’re delving into the heart of the jungle with an in-depth look at the Blood Moon event, a thrilling addition to World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery Phase 2. This event transforms Stranglethorn Vale into a battleground where the brave venture for glory and rewards. Let’s tackle the most asked questions and guide you through the secrets of surviving and thriving under the eerie glow of the Blood Moon.

What Is the Blood Moon Event?

The Blood Moon is a zone-wide PvP (Player vs. Player) event in Stranglethorn Vale, introduced in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. Unlike any other, this event turns the entire zone into a free-for-all arena. Every three hours, participants are enveloped in a red fog, signaling the start of 30 minutes of unbridled PvP chaos. Players from both factions can attack each other, with the sole objective of emerging victorious in battle.

How Do You Participate?

Participation is straightforward: if you’re in Stranglethorn Vale when the Blood Moon rises, you’re in the game. A notification and a special buff, “Blood Moon,” signify the event’s start. The objective? Kill other players, regardless of their faction. There are no PvP objectives within Stranglethorn Vale for this event, making it a pure battle royale experience.

What Can You Earn?

The rewards for braving the Blood Moon event are substantial, offering everything from class-specific epic gear to unique mounts like the Golden Sabercat and the Mottled Blood Raptor. Gear options include powerful weapons, rings, and trinkets tailored to each class’s needs, enhancing various combat abilities. The currency for these items, Blood Coins, is earned through PvP combat, with the most prestigious rewards requiring Gold Blood Coins.

Navigating Stranglethorn Vale During the Event

Stranglethorn Vale is notorious for its PvP activities, and the Blood Moon elevates this to a new level. The event encourages exploration and combat throughout the zone, from the bustling pirate haven of Booty Bay to the ominous Gurubashi Arena. However, be wary of the Booty Bay guards and Flight Masters, who turn hostile during the event, making escape or entrance a challenge you must navigate on foot.

We recommend reaching out to level 40 before attempting to participate in this event. The zone will be full of level 40 players who are bloodthirsty and ready to earn their coins.

Blood Coin Types and how to get them

In the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery’s Blood Moon event, players can earn three types of coins: Copper Blood Coins, Silver Blood Coins, and Gold Blood Coins. These coins are integral to acquiring event-specific rewards, including gear and mounts. Here’s a breakdown of each coin type and how they are earned:

Copper Blood Coins

Copper Blood Coins are the initial currency players collect during the Blood Moon event. These are earned by participating in PvP combat within the event zone. When you defeat another player, you receive stacks of a buff called “Blood for the Blood Loa.” You can collect up to 255 stacks of this buff. At one of five altars that appear during the event, marked by red flags on your map, you can exchange these stacks for an equal number of Copper Blood Coins.

Silver Blood Coins

To upgrade your earnings, 100 Copper Blood Coins can be right-clicked to convert them into a Silver Blood Coin. This means active participation and successful PvP encounters are crucial for accumulating the necessary Copper Blood Coins to trade up to Silver. These coins are then used to purchase higher-tier rewards from the event vendors.

Gold Blood Coins

The highest currency tier in the event is the Gold Blood Coin. You can obtain these by right-clicking 100 Silver Blood Coins. Gold Blood Coins are used to purchase the most prestigious rewards available during the Blood Moon event, including faction-agnostic mounts like the Golden Sabercat and the Mottled Blood Raptor. Given the conversion rate, earning Gold Blood Coins requires significant effort and success in the event’s PvP activities.

Earning Strategy

To maximize coin earnings, players should focus on engaging in as much PvP combat as possible during the event. Forming small groups can enhance survival and killing efficiency, though participating in large raid groups is discouraged with debuffs. Paying attention to event timings and altar locations for exchanging Blood for the Blood Loa stacks is also crucial. Additionally, managing your stacks effectively and avoiding death is key, as being killed can result in losing stacks and, by extension, potential coins.

By actively participating in the Blood Moon event, understanding the mechanics of coin conversion, and strategically engaging in PvP, players can earn these currencies to exchange for valuable rewards that enhance their World of Warcraft experience.

Opting Out

For those preferring to steer clear of the PvP chaos, the Blood Moon event offers an opt-out mechanism. By speaking with a Zandalari Emissary at designated locations, players can receive the Zandalari Ward buff, which prevents attacks from their own faction, though PvP realm rules still apply. This ensures that all players can enjoy the Season of Discovery in their preferred style.

The Blood Moon event in WoW’s Season of Discovery Phase 2 brings a thrilling PvP dimension to the game, rewarding strategic combat and participation with valuable gear and unique mounts. Whether you’re a seasoned PvPer or a casual player curious about the event, the Blood Moon offers a chance to test your mettle against fellow adventurers in the pursuit of glory and rare rewards.

How we can help?

Understanding the intensive effort required to farm Blood Coins in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery’s Blood Moon event, it’s clear that obtaining the highest-tier rewards is a time-consuming process. Accumulating enough Copper, Silver, and Gold Blood Coins to exchange for the most sought-after gear and mounts demands not only skill in PvP combat but also a significant investment of time and strategic planning. Recognizing this challenge, we’re here to assist players in maximizing their event participation with our Blood Coins Boost Service.
This service is designed to help players streamline the process of earning Blood Coins, allowing for a more efficient and less time-consuming path to acquiring the event’s exclusive rewards. Whether you’re aiming for the epic class-specific gear or the prestigious mounts, our boost service offers a practical solution to enhance your Blood Moon event experience without the grind.

Remember, we grind so you don’t have to!

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