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WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost

Buy our WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost and get the best gear that World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 1 has to offer! Our boost service is designed to help you through the exciting Blackfathom Deeps raid, a top challenge in WoW SoD.

With our skilled team, you’ll not only play but also win big. If you are looking for rare items, eager to beat tough bosses, or just want to enjoy the thrill of this new raid, our WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost is your perfect choice. This service is great for experienced players or anyone new to the game. Join us and make your WoW experience even better!

Remember, we grind so you don’t have to.

What are you getting from WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost?

Requirements for WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost

WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost Options Explained


  • EU. For accounts on the EU Servers.
  • US. For accounts on the US Servers.


  • Alliance. If your character is on the Alliance side choose this option for your SoD BFD Boost..
  • Horde. If you are playing on the Horde side select this option for your SoD BFD Boost.


  • Piloted. Our booster will log in to your account and play your character during the boost.


  • Normal. The service will be assigned within the day.
  • Express. ETA will be reduced by 20%.
  • Super Express. Your order will be a top priority. We will ensure that service is started and completed as fast as possible.

Important Notes for WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost





What is WoW SoD BFD Raid Boost and how does it work?

WoW SoD BFD Raid Boost refers to a premium service offered by SkipTheGrind.Online for the game World of Warcraft, specifically for the Season of Discovery (SoD) Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) Raid. This service is designed to assist players in navigating and conquering the challenging Blackfathom Deeps raid within the game.
 Once you purchase the raid boost, a team of skilled players from SkipTheGrind.Online will play on your behalf to complete the Blackfathom Deeps Raid. This service is ideal for both experienced players who want to expedite their progress and newcomers who wish to experience the thrill of the raid without the usual grind. The boost includes defeating all bosses in the raid and offers a chance to loot the best items that Season of Discovery Phase 1 has to offer.

Which items drop in WoW Season of Discovery BFD Raid?

The WoW Season of Discovery BFD Raid offers players a chance to acquire some of the most coveted items in the game. While specific details about the items are not explicitly mentioned on the SkipTheGrind.Online website, it is stated that players have the opportunity to loot the best items available in the Season of Discovery Phase 1 through this raid. Typically, these items may include high-level gear, weapons, artifacts, and other valuable resources that are crucial for enhancing a player’s character and gameplay experience in World of Warcraft.

Where is Blackfathom Deeps entrance?

The entrance to Blackfathom Deeps, a notable dungeon that has been converted into a 10-player raid in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, is located in the northwestern part of the Ashenvale zone. It’s situated on the Zoram Strand, near the ruins of Zoram. Players can find this entrance underwater, at the end of a long, submerged passageway. The exact coordinates for the entrance are 44, 35. You will find a stone structure there with a hole in the middle. At the bottom of that hole, there is a water pool. Jump into the water and swim to the bottom. From there, you will see a passage to the next room, which leads to the BFD entrance.

How many bosses are there in Blackfathom Deeps Raid?

In the Blackfathom Deeps Raid, part of the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, players will encounter a total of seven bosses. Each boss presents a unique challenge and requires specific strategies to defeat. These bosses are integral to the overall raid experience, offering players not only a test of skill and teamwork but also the opportunity to acquire valuable loot specific to each boss. The diversity and number of bosses in the Blackfathom Deeps Raid make it an engaging and rewarding experience for all participants.


  • Expertise: Our team, composed of expert WoW players, specializes in mastering the challenges of the Blackfathom Deeps Raid.
  • Efficiency: Experience the fastest WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost, accelerating your journey to obtain top-tier gear and achievements.
  • Reliability: With our proven track record, expect a seamless and secure boosting experience.
  • Support: Our customer service team is available 24/7 to respond to your questions and provide real-time updates on your boost.
  • Comprehensive Services: Beyond the Blackfathom Deeps Raid, we offer a variety of boost options for other WoW activities and difficulties.
  • Value: Competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your investment without compromising on quality.
  • Loyalty Program: Enjoy LIFETIME discounts and exclusive perks as part of our Loyalty Program.

Don’t miss out! Choose Skip The Grind today for your WoW SoD Blackfathom Deeps Raid Boost and join our thriving community of dedicated gamers. We’re here to help you balance your busy life with the gaming experiences you cherish.

Remember, we grind so you don’t have to!


What happens after purchase?

One of our top goals is to get your order completed as fast as possible! This means that we will do our best to assign and complete your order as quickly as we can. In most cases, orders are completed faster than ETA.
ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival, for us this is the estimated time of when your service will be completed from the time of purchase. Each service has its own ETA which can depend on the service itself as well as extra options that might have selected. Our goal is to always complete orders faster than ETA. Our system as well as years of experience allow us to do this.