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How to get Cozy Sleeping Bag Guide

A Step by Step Guide on how to get Cozy Sleeping Bag

In World of Warcraft’s latest Season of Discovery, players are treated to an array of exciting features, among which the Cozy Sleeping Bag stands out. This unique item not only enhances the gaming experience by offering a bonus experience buff but also invites adventurers to explore the vast world of Azeroth in a whole new way.

The Cozy Sleeping Bag Explained

The Cozy Sleeping Bag is a game-changer, allowing players to rest anywhere in the game world. This not only provides a practical benefit by increasing the experience points earned but also does so in a manner that stacks up to three times, making every adventure more rewarding.

How to Acquire the Cozy Sleeping Bag

To acquire this sought-after item, players must embark on a journey across various zones, with the quest route differing for Alliance and Horde members. The adventure starts in either Westfall (Alliance) or The Barrens (Horde), leading players through Stonetalon Mountains, Loch Modan, and Hillsbrad Foothills. Along the way, participants engage in tasks that range from interacting with specific objects to completing quests that reward them with essential items like 12 Slot Bag, Swiftness Potion, Strong Troll’s Blood Potion, Flint and Tinder, and more.

Step 1

Only the first step is a bit different depending if you are Horder or Alliance.
Horde players will first go to The Barrens and Then Westfal, while Alliance players will go to the Westfal first and then to The Barrens.

Once you pick up “…and that note you found” on one of those locations go to the second one to hand it over and get the next quest “Stepping Stones”

Step 2

For the next quest, you need to go to the Stonetalon Mountains. Climb up through the hills on the East side until you reach the tent. Next to it will be a wooden crate and on top of it item you need to click on.

For completing this step you will be rewarded with a 12 Slot Bag!

Step 3

The next step is just slightly to the west of your current location, in the hills. Just click on the pile of dirt. Turn in the “Scrumble” quest and Accept the “Wet Job” quest.

Step 4

For the next step, you need to travel all the way to Loch Modan. To the Stonewrought Dam.
Here you will need to jump on the lower platform and interact with the Eagle Statue. Turn in the “Wet Job” quest and accept “Eagle’s Fist”.

Step 5

Now you need to travel to the wall between Hillsbrad Foothills and Arathi Highlands. 

For the next quest, you will need to climb a wall. Start by jumping on the broken wooden cart and make your way to the wall.

Follow the way on the wall until you go through a small tunnel with a table, chairs books, etc. At the exit of that tunnel, you will see a brown poach hanging on the wall. You need to interact with it to hand over the “Eagle’s Fist” quest and accept the “This must be The Place” quest.

Just below this hanging poach you will see some rolled-up item. It looks like a sleeping bag that is rolled into something like a scroll. Click on it to hand over the “This must be The Place” quest and get your rewards.

Congratulations you got your sleeping bag!

Quest Rewards and Benefits

Throughout the quest line, adventurers collect numerous rewards, including potions and tools that further enrich their journey in Azeroth. Each item collected along the way adds depth to the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience of the Season of Discovery.

Conclusion: Enhancing Your Experience

The introduction of the Cozy Sleeping Bag in the Season of Discovery presents an unparalleled opportunity for players to enhance their World of Warcraft experience. Its unique benefits encourage exploration and offer practical advantages that are too good to miss.

We have prepared this step-by-step guide to help you out with acquiring this unique item. But at the same time, we understand that not all of you have time or patience for this journey through the Azeroth. For those who would like to get it without hassle, we have also prepared a Sleeping Bag Boost Service.

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