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Guide to Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4 Season 2: Season of Blood

Guide to Vampiric Powers in Diablo 4 Season 2: Season of Blood

What Are Vampiric Powers and How Do They Enhance My Gameplay?

Vampiric Powers in Diablo’s Season of Blood offer a unique and powerful set of skills that can significantly enhance your gameplay. These powers provide additional abilities that work in conjunction with your character’s normal skills, resulting in increased damage output and a variety of interesting effects. By strategically utilizing these powers, you can gain a significant advantage in combat, especially when facing the formidable Vampire scourge that has descended upon Sanctuary.
Diablo 4 Season of Blood Vampiric Powers Guide

How Do Vampiric Powers Work in Conjunction with the Pact System and Potent Blood?

The Vampiric Powers system is intricately linked with the Pact system and the Potent Blood resource, forming a triad of systems that are central to the Season of Blood. Understanding how these systems interact is crucial for maximizing your character’s potential.

Let’s dive a bit deeper to understand how each of these systems works and why they are important for your character.

Vampiric Powers

These are additional skills that augment your normal abilities, providing enhanced damage and unique effects. There are 22 Vampiric Powers available, and you can equip up to five at a time. These powers are class-agnostic, meaning that all characters can benefit from them.


Pacts are values assigned to armor pieces, categorized into three types: Ferocity, Divinity, and Eternity. Each Vampiric Power requires a specific combination of Pacts to activate, adding a layer of strategy to your gear choices. For further assistance with Vampiric Pacts, check out our:

Potent Blood

This resource is gathered by defeating enemy Vampires and is used to unlock and upgrade your Vampiric Powers. Managing your Potent Blood effectively is key to enhancing your powers and, by extension, your character’s strength.

How Can I Unlock and Upgrade Vampiric Powers?

Unlocking and upgrading Vampiric Powers is a process that involves both gameplay progression and the strategic use of Potent Blood.

  • Unlocking Through Gameplay: As you progress through the Season Campaign storyline, you will gradually unlock the Vampiric Powers, gaining access to their benefits.

  • Using Potent Blood: Potent Blood can be used to unlock additional Vampiric Powers and upgrade existing ones. Upgrading a power enhances its effectiveness, providing you with even greater combat capabilities.

  • Equipping Powers: Once unlocked, you can equip Vampiric Powers in the Sanguine Circle, found in the inventory section of your character menu. Here, you can manage your powers and tailor your character’s abilities to your preferred playstyle.

Diablo 4 Vampiric Powers Tab Explained

What Are the Different Types of Vampiric Powers?

Vampiric Powers are categorized into two levels: Minor and Major. Minor Powers require fewer Pacts to activate and provide substantial benefits, while Major Powers require more Pacts but offer even more powerful effects.

How Do I Manage and Optimize My Vampiric Powers for Maximum Effectiveness?

Optimizing your Vampiric Powers involves a combination of strategic gear selection, careful management of Potent Blood, and thoughtful allocation of your powers.

  1. Gear Selection: Choose armor pieces with the right combination of Pacts to activate your desired Vampiric Powers. Remember that Pacts can be added and removed from gear, allowing you to fine-tune your setup.

  2. Potent Blood Management: Gather Potent Blood from defeated Vampires and use it judiciously to unlock and upgrade your Vampiric Powers. Prioritize the powers that best complement your playstyle and character build.

  3. Power Allocation: Use the Sanguine Circle to equip and manage your Vampiric Powers. Experiment with different combinations to find the setup that offers the best balance of offense and defense for your character.

All Vampiric Powers

Vampiric PowerPact RequirementDescription
Major Vampiric Powers
Anticipation1 DivinitySource: Potent Blood
Your Ultimate Skills gain 20% Cooldown Reduction. Your Ultimate Skills gain 12% increased damage for each nearby enemy affected by your Damage Over Time effects.
Coven’s Fangs2 DivinitySource: Potent Blood
Your Conjuration, Companion, Minion, and Bat Familiar attacks deal 52% increased damage to Crowd Controlled enemies. Lucky Hit: Your Conjuration, Companion, Minion, and Bat Familiar have up to a 30% chance to inflict Vampiric Curse when hitting enemies.
Domination1 FerocitySource: Potent Blood
You deal 24% increased damage to enemies who are Stunned, Immobilized, Frozen, or Feared. If they’re also Injured and not an Elite, they’re instantly killed.
Feed the Coven1 EternitySource: Potent Blood
Lucky Hit: Conjuration, Companion, Minion and Bat Familiar attacks have up to a 60% chance to restore 10 Primary Resource to you and increase your Damage by 10% for 4 seconds.
Hectic3 DivinitySource: Quest Beckoning Thirst
For every 5 Basic Skills you cast, one of your active Cooldowns is reduced by 2 seconds.
Hemomancy3 EternitySource: Potent Blood
Your attacks deal 80% of your Maximum Life as Physical damage to nearby enemies. This can only occur once every 4 seconds. You heal for 1% of your Maximum Life for each enemy damaged this way.
Infection1 FerocitySource: Potent Blood
Hitting enemies with direct damage infects them with Pox. Inflicting Pox 8 times on an enemy expunges their infection, dealing 70% Poison damage.
Jagged Spikes1 Ferocity, 1 DivinitySource: Potent Blood
Thorns have a 10% chance to deal 300% increased damage and Chill enemies for 8%.
Prey on the Weak2 FerocitySource: Potent Blood
You deal 16% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies. Enemies are Vulnerable while affected by a Vampiric Curse from your other Vampiric Powers.
Rampart1 Divinity, 1 EternitySource: Potent Blood
After not moving for 3 seconds, you gain a Barrier for 40% of your Maximum Life for 6 seconds. This effect can occur once every 20 seconds.
Ravenous3 FerocitySource: Quest A Witness in the Dust
Lucky Hit: Up to a 20% chance to increase your Attack Speed by 40% of your Total Movement Speed for 6 seconds.
Resilience2 EternitySource: Potent Blood
You gain 1% Damage Reduction for each 2% Life you are missing.
Sanguine Brace1 Divinity, 1 EternitySource: Blood Harvest Hunter’s Acclaim Tier 4
When you kill an enemy, Fortify for 6% of your Base Life. While you have more Fortify than half of your Maximum Life, you gain 8% Critical Strike Chance.
Terror1 Ferocity, 1 Divinity, 1 EternitySource: Potent Blood
When struck, you have a 14% chance to Fear nearby enemies and Slow them by 80% for 2 seconds. You are guaranteed to Critically Strike enemies who are Feared.
Undying1 EternitySource: Quest Blood Money
Casting Skills heals you for 3% Life. Double this bonus while below 50% Life.
Major Vampiric Powers
Accursed Touch6 DivinitySource: Blood Harvest Hunter’s Acclaim Tier 9
Lucky Hit: Up to a 44% chance to inflict Vampiric Curse on enemies. Enemies with the Vampiric Curse have a 15% chance to spread it to other surrounding enemies. Accursed Souls deal 200% increased damage.
Bathe in Blood3 Divinity, 3 EternitySource: Potent Blood
While Channeling a Skill, you form a pool of blood beneath you. While channeling a skill in a pool, your Channeled Skills deal 40% increased damage and you gain 30% Damage Reduction. A pool can only form once every 8 seconds.
Blood Boil6 EternitySource: Potent Blood
When your Core Skills Overpower an enemy, you spawn 3 Volatile Blood Drops. Collecting a Volatile Blood Drop causes it to explode, dealing 60% Physical damage around you. Every 20 seconds, your next Skill is guaranteed to Overpower.
Call Familiar3 Ferocity, 3 DivinitySource: Potent Blood
Casting a Mastery, Weapon Mastery, Macabre, Wrath, or Imbuement Skill calls a bat ally to attack nearby enemies, dealing 80% Physical damage with a 30% chance to Stun.
Flowing Veins2 Ferocity, 2 Divinity, 2 EternitySource: Potent Blood
You deal 60% increased Damage Over Time to enemies that are moving or affected by a Vampiric Curse.
Metamorphosis2 Ferocity, 2 Divinity, 2 EternitySource: Quest A Serpent Cornered
When you Evade you turn into a cloud of bats, becoming Unstoppable for 4 seconds. Enemies along your path take 160% Physical damage and are inflicted with Vampiric Curse.
Moonrise6 FerocitySource: Quest Battle of Fear and Faith
Hitting an enemy with a Basic Skill grants you 4% Attack Speed for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Upon reaching maximum stacks, you enter a Vampiric Bloodrage, gaining 160% Basic Skill damage and 15% Movement Speed for 10 seconds.
This table provides a comprehensive overview of all Vampiric Powers available in the Season of Blood, including their type, required Pacts, source, and effects at Level 3.
By following this guide and making strategic use of Vampiric Powers, Pacts, and Potent Blood, you will be well-equipped to face the challenges of the Season of Blood and emerge victorious against the Vampire scourge. Happy hunting!

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