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Mawsworn Charger Boost

To acquire the Mawsworn Charger mount, you must achieve a Flawless Master (Layer 12) rating in each wing of Torghast, Tower of the Damned. This prestigious achievement necessitates successfully completing a flawless run on layer 12 for all six wings. However, be prepared—it’s a challenging endeavor that demands time.

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What are you getting from Mawsworn Charger Boost?

Requirements for Mawsworn Charger Boost

Level 70 Character. In case you don’t have one yet, we can help with that! Get our Leveling boost.

  • Piloted. Our booster will log in to your account and play your character during the boost.

Important Notes for Mawsworn Charger Boost

Torghast, Tower of the Damned:

  1. Unlocking Torghast:
    • Reach level 60 with your character.
    • Pledge yourself to a Covenant of your choice.
    • As part of your post-60 Covenant questline, you’ll receive a task to find Ve’nari in The Maw. Completing this questline unlocks access to the Maw region and grants entry to Torghast.
  2. What Is Torghast?:
    • Torghast is an infinite dungeon located at the center of the Maw.
    • It can be tackled solo or with a group of up to 5 players.
    • Each run through Torghast is unique, with ever-changing layouts and challenges.
    • Be cautious—death has consequences!
  3. The Flawless Master Challenge:
    • To earn the Mawsworn Charger mount, you must achieve a Flawless Master (Layer 12) rating in each wing of Torghast.
    • Successfully complete a flawless run on Layer 12 for all six wings.
    • It’s a demanding feat that requires both skill and time.

Remember, Torghast offers endlessly replayable content and unique rewards. Explore its depths, face its trials, and emerge victorious!

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What happens after purchase?

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