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Understanding Elo Rank Boost in League of Legends

Understanding Elo Rank Boost in League of Legends

Are you struggling to climb the ranks in League of Legends? You might have heard of Elo boosting as a quick fix. In this article, we’ll explore what Elo rank boost is, whether it’s allowed in League of Legends, and how people boost ranks in the game.

What is Elo Rank Boost?

Elo rank boost refers to the practice where a highly-skilled player logs into another player’s account to win matches and thereby increase the account’s Elo rating. This service is often provided in exchange for money. If you’re looking to improve your rank quickly, you might consider our LoL Rank Boost service.

Is Elo Boosting Allowed in League of Legends?

The short answer is no. Elo boosting is against the Terms of Service of League of Legends. Players caught boosting or being boosted can face penalties ranging from temporary suspensions to permanent bans. If you’re looking for a legitimate way to improve your skills, consider our LoL Coaching service instead.

How to Boost People in League of Legends?

While we don’t recommend Elo boosting, there are alternative ways to help your friends or other players improve their ranks:

  • Duo Queue: Pair up with a friend who is more skilled to increase your chances of winning. Check out our LoL Ranked Wins service for guaranteed victories.
  • Coaching: A more experienced player can provide valuable insights and tips. Our LoL Coaching service offers personalized coaching sessions.
  • Normal Matches: Practicing in normal matches can help you improve your skills without the pressure of ranked games. Our LoL Normal Matches Boost can help you win more games in a relaxed environment.
  • Placement Matches: The beginning of a new season is a crucial time for ranking. Our LoL Placement Matches Boost service can help you start the season on a high note.


Navigating the world of Elo and ranks in League of Legends can be a daunting task. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, the climb up the ladder is often filled with challenges. While Elo boosting might seem like a quick fix, it’s essential to remember that it’s against the game’s Terms of Service and can result in penalties. Instead, consider legitimate alternatives like duo queuing, coaching, or even taking advantage of our specialized services like LoL Rank Boost, LoL Coaching, and LoL Placement Matches Boost to improve your skills and rankings. By choosing ethical ways to advance, you not only respect the game but also develop your abilities for long-term success.
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