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Our loyalty program features an achievement system that rewards customers for specific actions they take on our website. Achievements provide customers with additional diamonds, allowing them to earn even more rewards and benefits within our loyalty program.

Customers can earn achievements by completing certain actions on our website, such as making a purchase, logging in to the site daily, or sharing our products on social media. Each achievement has its own set of requirements, and customers can track their progress towards each achievement within their account.

Once a customer earns an achievement, they receive a predetermined number of diamonds, which can be used to purchase Experience, unlock higher ranks, or buy STG credits. The more achievements a customer earns, the more diamonds they can accumulate and the more rewards they can access.

Check out the achievements you can currently earn below:

The New Begining

20 Diamonds
  • Make a new purchase 1 time

I’m a Fan!

50 Diamonds
  • Daily visit the website 30 times (limited to 1 per day)


25 Diamonds

The Banker

50 Diamonds

You rock!

35 Diamonds
  • Purchase a product 10 times

I want them all!

35 Diamonds

See you in Arena!

20 Diamonds